The Asl of Man is Tawhīd, Pt. [1]

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Posted: 09 Sep 2013 09:31 AM PDT

In the Name of Allāh, the Extremely Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy

«Between Adam and Nūh were ten centuries, and between Nūh and Ibrāhīm, ten centuries.»(1)

Shaykh al-Albānī (d.1420 AH), may Allah have mercy upon him, commented: (2)This narration contains an important benefit and it is that mankind, at the beginning of time, were one community upon true monotheism, then polytheism occurred amongst them.This is contrary to the statements of some philosophers and atheists [who claim] that the origin of man is polytheism and that tawhīd developed gradually amongst them. This Hadīth invalidates this statement of theirs.(3)


Translated by Umm Sufyaan Faatimah

(1) Silsilah al-Ahādīth asSahīhah (3289), from a hadīth of Abū Umāmah al-Bāhilī.
(2) Shaykh al-Albānī, Silsilah al-Ahādīth asSahīhah, 7:855.
(3) TN: Allah, the Most High, says: «Mankind were but one community (i.e. on one religion – Islāmic Monotheism), then they differed (later), and had not it been for a Word that went forth before from your Lord, it would have been settled between them regarding what they differed.» [Sūrah Yūnus (10):19].

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