You are a Wahhabi IF…

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Bismillahi ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

The following few lines were reflectional realities we have noticed throughout our experiences and we have gathered all of these absurdities in the way non sunnis have judged the sunni masses of Muslims throughout the world in one declaration.

1. If grow your beard, you’re a wahhabi
2. If you encourage Muslims to act according to the Qur’an and Hadeeth then you’re a wahhabi
3. If you cover yourself according to the shariah parameters regarding the hijaab, then you’re a wahhabi
4. If you wear a niqaab (the veil), you’re a wahhabi
5. If you believe that in the land of the “free” there are vices practiced here by which no nation has remotely done either in quantity or in its monstrosity, then you’re an extremist wahhabi
6. If you follow the practice of every reasonable group of people since our existence by characterizing people based on their creedal affiliation, then you’re a Wahhabi who wishes to cause discord.
7. If you believe the Qur’an is the literal word of God, then you’re a wahhabi
8. If you believe the Islamic creed is based on the sunnah and not based on philosophical rhetoric of the Greek logicians, then you’re a wahhabi
9. If you believe that Ibn Taymiyyah was a champion in orthodox Islam, then you’re a anthropomorphizing wahhabi
10. If you believe that the religion of Islam, its orthodoxy is based on what the prophet and his companions were upon, then you’re a Wahhabi.
11. If you believe that Allah rose over the Throne as He says in the Qur’an in several places, then you’re a wahhabi who is attributing direction and confinement for Allah.
12. If you regard that someone should not be making supplications to the inhabitants of the grave even if those people claim that they are the awliyyah of Allah, therefore legitimizing their polytheism like the Qur’an related the legitimizing of the pagans in their supplications to their idols, then you’re an extremist wahhabi.
13. If you even remotely refer to Imaam Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab as part of Islamic scholarship or mention him in a positive light, then you’re a wahhabi
14. If you believe in everything that Allah described about Himself without knowing the actual nature of Allah or the Attribute He is characterizing Himself with, then you’re a wahhabi anthropomorphist.
15. If you mention the word bida at any time of your life, then you’re a wahhabi
16. If you believe that the only correct Islam is derived on how the predecessors of the nation of Muhammad understood Islam and that this is the only persuasion that can be considered Islamic, then you’re an incoherent wahhabi who does not aknowledge the “pluralistic nature of Islam”.
17. If you believe that Islam did not allow differing in the fundamentals of the religion then you’re an intolerant wahhabi
18. If you even mention the name “al-Albanee” in a positive light, then you’re a wahhabi
19. If you believe that the purpose of the madhaabs was to guide the aspiring student of knowledge and to guide him in the fundamentals of the deduction of law and not a set of rituals that one must make absolute blind faith therein especially if there exists a clear text in the Qur’an or Hadeeth that opines to a different view, then you’re a wahhabi who “degenerates Islamic scholarship” and a wahhabi who promotes “anti-madhaabism”
20. If you believe that anyone beyond the prophet is exempt from being infallible, then you’re a wahhabi who denies the scholarship of the classical jurists.
21. If you critique any of the Imaams for errors they have fallen into by mentioning the clarifications of other Imaams, then you’re a wahhabi who is “reviling the scholars”
22. If you believe that the legislation of Allah should be implemented politically then you’re an extremist wahhabi “Islamist”
23. If you believe that revisionism does not apply in the fundamentals of Islam, then you’re a wahhabi who is “opposed to advancement”
24. If you believe in jihad, then you’re an extremist wahhabi “Islamist”
25. If you merely mention the term jihad as part of Islamic history, theology or practice, then you’re a wahhabi “Islamist”
26. If you clarify the reality of Jihad to others, then you’re a wahhabi who wants to “kill the infidel”
27. If you regard some of the practices of the sufis as innovation like the orthodox sunni scholars of Islam have clarified, then you’re a wahhabi
28. If you refer to Saudi Arabia in a good light, then you’re a Saudi salafi wahhabi.
29. If you don’t believe on making takfir of people except on what the scholars have held to be validated takfir, then you’re a Saudi salafi wahhabi
30. If you do believe that shariah came with the function of takfir on the basis of those who apostate, then you’re a wahhabi who is “trying to cause division”
31. If you merely believe that Islam came with the concept of “love and hate for the sake of Allah”, then you’re an extremist wahhabi
32. If you believe that the claim of being “moderate” in Islam is a fable because Islam is itself moderate and makes or molds the individual to be inherently moderate due to the ayah of Allah “We have made you an ummatun-wasata (a balanced nation)”, then you’re a wahhabi fanatic
33. If you do not limit jihad to defense and affirm that jihad has an offense, then you’re a wahhabi Islamist radical and my personal favorite a “jihadist”
34. If you wear your pants, thawb, or izaar above your ankles, then you’re a wahhabi
35. If you wear a thawb, then you’re a wahhabi
36. If you wear the shamaagh (the headscarves used in the gulf states) then you’re a wahhabi.
37. If you refer to Jews in accord to how Allah refers to them (sometimes in good light, sometimes in a bad light, a way in between, criticism were needed and praise were needed) then you’re a fanatic wahhabi who is being “anti-Semitic”
38. If you regard the occupation of Palestine as an invalid oppression, illegal, and against U.N. sanctions as described by the UN, then you’re an anti-Semitic wahhabi.
39. If you even refer to Palestine as Palestine instead of “Israel” then you’re a wahhabi
40. If you believe that intermingling between sexes upon all levels of life is a moral decedance of a society then you’re an extremist wahhabi who is against “women’s rights”
41. If you’re a Muslimah and you hold these beliefs then you’re a wahhabi that “has been brainwashed and therefore you do not know what is good for you and what is not”
42. If you believe that Islam inherently was working to improve the status of men with their Lord to the level of “We hear and obey” and did not come with “let me understanding everything with my intellect” then you’re a radical wahhabi “who is opposed to using our intellects”
43. If you believe that criticizing the beliefs of others if it arrives at falsehood or is incoherent or that its basis is erroneous, then you’re a wahhabi who “doesn’t want to leave people and their beliefs alone ” and “are too judgmental of others”
44. If you believe that faith is not only affirmation of the heart, but as well speech of the tongue and actions of the limbs, then you’re an extremist wahhabi who “likes to be judgmental of others”
45. If you believe that Allah is above everything then you’re a wahhabi “who believes Allah is sitting on a chair like a judge”
46. If you impugn the deviated sects with heresy as the orthodox sunni scholars have done, then you’re a wahhabi
47. If you believe that the essential purpose of the four madhaabs is to be viewed how the classical orthodox sunni jurists had described, in that the madhaab was to mold the jurist and protect him from deviating in the derivation of law, and that the general masses of the people (laymen) has no madhaab as the majority of orthodox sunni scholars have opined to, then you’re a staunch wahhabi anti-madhaabi
48. If you believe that our sunni madhaabs is to understand how to extract the rulings of shari’ah and not to be blindly followed to the exclusion of all other qualified classical scholars then you’re a la madhaabi.
49. If you’re a hanbali but do not follow the deviations of the Syrian heretics who claim to be hanbali while espousing jahmi beliefs, then you’re a wahhabi who is a wannabe hanbali
50. If you believe that the classical orthodox sunni scholars had vehemently warned against the innovation of a thought called Sufism like the classical scholars like Ibn Qudamah, Ibnul-Jawzi, Qadhi Abdul-Wahhaab al-Maliki and the jumhoor of the four sunni scholars of fiqh and other than them, then you’re a wahhabi
51. If you believe that the gates of ijtihaad are not closed because you know there is not a shred of evidence for this audacious claim anywhere in the Qur’an, Sunnah, the Ijmaa of the scholars, or any analogous reasoning of even a single Imaam of ahlu-sunnah and that you recognize this audacious claim to be a new invention of moden day anti-sunnis called ash’aris and sufis, then you’re a wahhabi
52. If you acknowledge that the ihyaa uloomu-deen of Imaam Ghazali has serious blunders in its thought fueled by the mass quantity of false ahadeeth as pointed out by every haafidh of this religion from the moment of its authorship until our era, then you’re a wahhabi who is causing dissension and you are anti-spiritual.


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